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15 Steps Control

15 Steps Control

15 step control is the first step we offer to all our customers after logging into our service for vehicles of all brands and models. We process the 15 step control process for your driving safety and vehicle health. This process, which is done without skipping any details, is of utmost importance for your safety. As Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service, we are ready to serve you with our experienced staff and original equipment as well as affordable costs.

You Have Safety, We Have Control!

What is the 15 Steps Control Process?

After 15 Steps Control Process performs vehicle km and fuel level control, headlight and signal lamps are checked. After controlling the wiper, windshield, mechanism, interior lighting, horn and radio system, the vehicle fault record and existing faults are scanned with a computerized fault detection (diagnostic) device.

Engine compartment; Control of fluids (engine oil, cooling water, wiper water, hydraulics) is provided. In cases where any deficiencies are detected, the deficiencies are corrected in line with your approval. After checking the belts, your vehicle will be taken in half lift.

15 adım kontrol

Half Lift; The external condition and wear condition of your tires are checked. In the brake system, after the disc and lining control is provided, the control of the chassis is completed. The vehicle is taken to its final stage, the full lift level.

Full Lift; All leak checks of the vehicle (engine oil, fuel system, brake fluid, transmission fluid) are performed. The suspension system (shock absorber, shock absorber oils) is examined carefully by examining every detail of the hoses and electrical installation. Finally, after the exhaust system control, the process is completed.

Remember! The life safety of you and the drivers around you depends on your precautions. Let’s take your measures together.

What Does the 15 Steps Control Process Cover?

  • Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Level Control
  • Control of Headlight and Signal Lights
  • Wiper Control
  • Glass and Mechanism Control
  • In-Vehicle Lighting Control
  • Horn and Radio System Control
  • Computerized Fault Detection (Diagnostic) Control
  • Control of Fluids (engine oil, coolant, wiper water and hydraulics)
  • Checking the belts
  • Checking Tires
  • Brake Disc and Pad Control
  • Control of Driveline
  • Leak Controls (Engine Oil, Fuel System, Brake Hydraulics, Transmission Hydraulics)
  • General Controls (Hoses, Electrical Installation)
  • Suspension System Control
  • Exhaust System Control