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About Us

Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service

Hüseyin ARSLAN, founder of Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service Authorized Service, took the first step in the automotive sector in 1997 as Spare Parts Sales Manager. With the knowledge, experience and experience he gained in the spare parts sector, he established his own company Mert Automotive Spare Parts Inc. in 2007 and continued his journey of more than 23 years without compromising the spirit of development, change and collective sharing. Hüseyin ARSLAN, who knows and knows the automotive sector well; And business plans to move with the idea to lead the Automotive Service Industry in Turkey “innovative service beyond expectations” are created with a vision. In this direction, Hüseyin ARSLAN Ece Otomotiv laid the foundations of Bosch Car Authorized Service in 2019.

Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service

According to the Block Exemption Communiqué Regarding Vertical Agreements and Concerted Actions in the 2017/3 Motor Vehicles Sector, Ece Automotive Bosch Car Service provides maintenance and repair services for every brand of vehicle and model without impairing the manufacturer’s warranty.

Our Mission

Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service, working on the principle of customer focus in the sector, preserving integrity and trust as the most important values, at the same time knowing the expectations of its stakeholders with a management approach based on “respect for humanity”, defining new expectations and providing an efficient and profitable service aiming at their highest satisfaction. It is a Bosch Car Authorized Service with a principle.

We are shaping our future by adding value to the sector and society by carrying out the quality service and solution process with the aim of being permanent in the sector by creating differences with the service we provide. We bear the responsibility of “Fully Satisfied Ece Automotive Customers” towards our customers, who are our reason for existence.

Our vision

To be a leading Bosch Car Authorized Service by managing in the best way with our corporate structure, customer-oriented working strategy and competitive growth potential, which is based on creating value by meeting the creative services beyond the expectations of our customers with a consistent quality understanding.

To provide service at internationally accepted standards with our products that always provide high quality and solutions. To fulfill social responsibility for today and towards future generations. To ensure to employ the best qualified human power with human resources dominated by mutual trust and respect.

Our Strategies

In line with our mission, to be able to observe the variations in the service habits of our customers in the Bosch Car Authorized Service sector in which we operate as Ece Otomotiv and to present different solutions that the competitors cannot offer. At the same time, to ensure sustainable quality in service and product; to protect the trust and prestige in the sector.

Our Goals

As the Authorized Service of Bosch Car Service, Ece Otomotiv is to provide the best service to our customers in a team spirit based on the quality philosophy. To provide the product or service in line with the quality targets established by the company at price and time in the quality expectation of the customers. To provide and maintain working conditions that respect people, society and the environment. To see and develop our suppliers and business partners as a part of our quality system, to create a participatory positive corporate culture where our teammates work with high motivation. To encourage innovative and creative approaches by conducting trainings that will increase technical and social competencies.

Our procedures and goals are regularly addressed during management’s system review and are constantly revised.

We Ensure You Don’t Lose Within the Scope of Manufacturer Warranty
Authorized Motor Vehicle Services Our Ece Automotive Service, which has TS 12047-M1 certificate, performs all repair and maintenance work in accordance with the manufacturer’s technical specifications, thus your vehicle maintains its full warranty.

We Really Love Our Job

Perhaps we are doing more research on “new technologies” than any other automotive service. We try to keep track of what is new in these areas and adapt them to be available materials for our customers.

We Are Continuously Researching To Be Better At Our Work

Regardless of the sector you serve, whatever your working conditions are regulated; We believe that if you want to be successful in that field, it is necessary to work in a disciplined manner within the framework of certain programs. With this in mind, we organize the work flow to produce more work in a limited time with our time-saving principle and we take care that all our employees stay loyal to this process.

We Serve with Superior Quality in Our Service

We Perform Professional Repair and Maintenance

With the best site and examples, our trained and expert staff treat your car at least as meticulously as you.

We Use Equivalent Spare Parts

We use original parts or the highest quality spare parts for the protection of your vehicle. You can also order spare parts.

We Always Approach You and Your Vehicle With The Principle Of Honesty

Our service provides a reliable and transparent service for your high-tech car, always complying with all safety and environmental standards.

Full Performance, Always

Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service Authorized Service; Using original parts for your car, so you will experience the performance of your first day in your car.

We Provide Everything A Vehicle Needs

With our well-equipped and competent staff, all services are provided by providing expert advice on issues related to your vehicle.

We Fully Fulfill Your “Time Saving” Expectations

By notifying your vehicle in advance, the time is completed in our repair service for you accurately and quickly and the vehicle is delivered.

We Approach Your Maintenance, Repair and All Operations Fairly

The only things that need to be serviced are performed and their vehicles are repaired correctly and at once.

We Are With You With Expert Work And Transparent Writing

You will be written by our authorized teammate at the time of vehicle acceptance about the complaints described and all the studies and the period regarding the determinations made.

We Take Care of Everything Under Your Control

In case of any malfunctions other than the chatted complaints, we will inform you and get approval for the transaction in consultation with you.

We Deliver Your Old Parts For You To See

You may want to see the parts to be taken to your vehicle, your vehicle will be delivered to you together with the old parts.

As Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service Authorized Service, we adhere to our principle of providing efficient and profitable service and support you from the beginning of the process.

With the Consciousness that Time Is Precious, We Do Not Make Delay

Your vehicle will always be delivered within our promised delivery dates.

Final Checks and Test Drive of Your Vehicle

Before the vehicles are delivered to our customers, child controls and test results are made.

We Deliver Professional

When you come to pick up your vehicle, our service consultant will be prepared with the Pre-Check, Final Control and Vehicle Delivery Form and deliver it with detailed information.

We Stay Loyal to Our Strong Customer Relationship Understanding

We act knowing the expectations and service habits of our customers and are always happy to advise on vehicle-related matters.

Complete Reliability

It remains to say and communicate with our business partners. You know a little more closely that you can enjoy peace of mind at Ece Otomotiv and you can understand that we are different from other Bosch Car services.

We Work With A Fully Committed Team

We are sensitive and attentive to your vehicle and do our best at our service and with your vehicle.

We Produce Solutions, Not Excuses

You can trust that we can provide correct and effective “solutions” instead of “excuses” even in the most common malfunctions and problems that you cannot find solutions with with our expert staff.

Service that works as perfectly as your car

At Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service Authorized Service, our goal is to establish long-leg partnerships. With the best site and examples, our trained and expert staff treat your car at least as meticulously as you.
Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service offers a reliable and transparent service to your high-tech car.

Along with the latest technology equipment, 6 elevators in a 1000 m2 service area with a capacity to serve 30 cars per day and with its transparent price policy, it provides professional services such as accessories, road assistance and mechanics for your car, guaranteeing an efficient, flexible and reliable service.