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Air Conditioning System Controls

Air Conditioning System Controls

  • Sistem Tahliyesi ve Kompresör Kontrolleri
  • Klima Kaçak Testleri – Gaz Dolumu Kontrolleri
  • Kabin Filtre Kontrol ve Değişim Kontrolleri

Vehicle air conditioners clean, cool and dehumidify the air. While paying attention to interior hygiene, one should not forget about air conditioners. Air conditioning system cleaning is very important, both for protecting respiratory system health and for drivers with allergies. In the air conditioning system where bacteria and fungus formation occurs over time, it may cause bad odors if not cleaned regularly. If you smell mold-like smells in your vehicle air conditioner and you think that your air conditioner is not working as effectively as before, it is time for air conditioning system controls. Our expert teams completely eliminate the cleaning and maintenance of this formation, which directly pollutes the oxygen we breathe.

Air Conditioning System Controls

The air conditioning system is a standard feature in modern vehicles. The air conditioning system takes the vehicle ambient temperature and excess moisture and provides fresh air to the environment.

What Does Air Conditioning System Controls Cover?

  • System Drain and Compressor Controls
  • Air Conditioner Leak Tests – Gas Filling Checks
  • Cabin Filter Control and Change Controls

By checking twice a year, you can both breathe a healthier air and save fuel in your vehicle.

  • Correct Product Use
  • Expert Teams in the Field
  • Original Bosch Spare Parts in Case of Replacement
  • Advanced Equipment and Devices

Why does the air conditioning system not cool?

If the vehicle air conditioner cannot provide the desired cooling, there may be two reasons. The most common problem is that the pollen filter is clogged. Another is that the refrigerant is exhausted. Our expert teams for air conditioning system controls are pleased to provide you with clean air in your vehicle.

Do Not Neglect Dryer Controls!
Condition controls of the dryer, which shows wear over time, should be provided. Dryer is one of the important parts that aim to remove the moisture formed from the coolant that acts as a circulation, and to minimize the wear. Their controls should be done by expert hands. It has a limited lifespan, if it is not maintained regularly, it will wear out.

What Should Be Considered While The Air Conditioner Is Working?

  • Air Conditioning Should Not Be Operated Before The Vehicle Engine Is Started And It Is Warm Up.
  • Windows Should Stay Closed While The Air Conditioner Is Operating.
  • The Air Conditioner Should Be Operated First At Low Level, Then At High Level If Required.
  • Air conditioning air should not blow directly to the driver or passengers, and blows should be given to the floor and windows.

Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service experts are pleased to provide the warmth, coldness and hygiene of your vehicle.