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Küçükçekmece / İstanbul

All Brands of Vehicles

Maintenance and Repair

We Provide Everything A Car Needs

Your Car's Manufacturer's Warranty

Does Not Deteriorate

Come To Ece Otomotiv Bosh Car Service To Get Service Without
Damaging the Manufacturer Warranty of Your Vehicle

Why U.S ?

We Serve with Superior Quality in Our Service

Always be advantageous with Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service.

  • We Work Disciplined And Programmed
  • We Perform Professional Repair and Maintenance
  • Full Performance Always
  • We Provide Everything A Vehicle Needs
  • We Use Equivalent Spare Parts
  • We Are With You With Transparent Prices
  • We Treat Your Maintenance, Repair And All Your Operations Fairly
  • We Are Continuously Researching To Be Better At Our Work
  • We Fully Meet Your Time-Saving Expectations
  • Complete Reliability
  • Final Checks and Test Drive of Your Vehicle
  • We Deliver Professional
  • We Work With A Fully Committed Team
  • We Produce Solutions, Not Excuses
  • We Care That The Whole Process Is Under Your Control
  • We Ensure You Do Not Suffer Losses Under The Manufacturer's Warranty
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Ece Otomotiv
Superior Quality Work

Manufacturer's Warranty Does Not Break

Bosch Brand Spare Parts

Transparent Prices

We Keep All Our Words

All Brand Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Ece Otomotiv
Authorized Bosch Car Service
Our goal at Ece Otomotiv is to establish long-lasting partnerships with you. Our trained and expert personnel, equipped with the best equipment, treat your car at least as meticulously as you.
  • We use BOSCH original spare parts with a 2-year warranty in our service.
  • We provide service in 12047 TSE Standards without breaking your manufacturer warranty
  • We repair transparently and at affordable prices
  • We offer roadside assistance
  • We offer valet service

Vehicle Acceptance and Delivery Process

No transaction is made regarding your vehicle without specifying the approximate price and getting your approval
Your Vehicle Is Prepared
15 Steps Control Process
Vehicle Acceptance Form
Work Order Form
Examinations Are Made
Final Checks Are Made
Your Vehicle Is Washed
Vehicle Delivery Form
Number Of Employees
Spare Part
Our Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

I just bought my vehicle, will it be out of warranty if I come to you?
According to the Block Exemption Communiqué Regarding Vertical Agreements and Concerted Actions in the 2017/3 Motor Vehicles Sector, all maintenance and repairs performed at Bosch Car Service do not break the manufacturer's warranty of the vehicles
Which vehicles do you provide maintenance and repair services?
Our Bosch car service provides service and repair services for all vehicle types, backing all the support of Bosch, the leading manufacturer of original automotive spare parts and service equipment
Which brand of spare parts do you use?
With BOSCH original spare parts designed according to Bosch standards and passed quality tests, your vehicle will be as new and safe as the first day.
Is your service expensive?
When we accept your vehicle to our service, we will be pleased to share the necessary studies with you and explain to you on the vehicle. So you immediately know what we are planning to do and why and what the cost will be. With our direct admission service, you can enjoy expertise and transparency right from the start
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Professional Service

All Brand Vehicle Maintenance and Repair