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Brake Systems

Brake Systems

Brake systems are very important for the safety of you, your loved ones and all vehicles in motion. A well-maintained vehicle brake system can help you keep your speed under control and keep your vehicle at a safe distance. Controls, determinations and processes require precision and expertise.

What Does Brake Systems Controls Include?

  • Brake Pad Control
  • Brake Disc Control
  • Brake Fluid Oil Control
  • Brake Drums Control
  • Hand Brake Adjustment Controls
  • Abs Esp Asr System Controls
brake systems

Brake Pad Control

Brake pads are undoubtedly one of the most important parts of your brake system, which allows you to slow down or stop your vehicle at any time. The lifetime of the brake pads may vary depending on the usage and brake frequency. Damage to the brake pads causes wear on the brake discs. It may cause you to lose control of the vehicle during sudden braking.

We are ready to serve our valued customers with uninterrupted access to all technical data and procedures during the replacement of your brake pads, full professionalism and Bosch spare parts quality.

Brake Disc Control

It is the brake structure system that enables the vehicle to brake with the friction force applied by the brake pads to the brake disc. It is imperative that the brake disc check is done regularly. The discs that play an important role in the brake system wear out a lot.

It is your right to benefit from the service we provide with utmost precision as Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service for your vehicle brake systems that do not have any wrong operation or missing detection options.

Brake Hydraulic Oil

Brake hydraulic oil is a type of hydraulic oil used in hydraulic brake and hydraulic clutch systems. The pressure you apply to the brake pedal is transferred as pressure to the front and rear brakes through the brake fluid and stops the vehicle. Brake fluid oil can be changed on average every 2 years.

What Does Brake Hydraulic Oil Do?

  • Prevents Corrosion and Oxidation of Metal Parts in the Brake System
  • Works in Compliance with Plastic Rubber Gaskets and Seals in the Brake System
  • Brake Hydraulic Oil Provides Stable Operation at High Temperatures Without Losing Its Properties

Brake Drums Control

Brake drums are a part of the brake system that slows the rotational speed of the rear tires by compressing from the center to the outside and allows the vehicle to stop and swing. Although it is subject to wear, it is not subjected to friction as much as the front brake system. It is exposed to polluted water and road salt during the winter and can rust. It is necessary to have the brake drums checked at every periodic maintenance.