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Computerized Diagnostics

Computerized Diagnostics 

Computerized fault detectionIn other words, when we connect the diagnostic device to the vehicle, we can see the malfunctions in the vehicle and the past malfunctions that this throws to the electronic brain. The introduction, adaptation and coding of new electronic parts installed in the vehicle with the computerized fault detection device can be made with a computer fault detection device. In case of any malfunction in your vehicle, if the electronic accident or warning lamp is turned on, we fix this warning and malfunction by our experts.
We Have All Necessary Hardware …

Ignored warning lights can cause mechanical damage to the vehicle. Although the error codes of many vehicle users continue, they do not make a computerized fault detection. This can lead to costly failures. Having computerized troubleshooting on time can save you from high costs.

What Does Computerized Diagnostics Cover?

  • Fault Detection
  • Fault Reading
  • Part Introduction
  • Adaptation
  • Calibration
Bilgisayarlı Arıza Tespiti Diagnostik Cihaz

It is impossible to provide sources and solutions of faults with manual control in vehicles that are produced with today’s technology and are still being produced. With Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service, we are here to fix all malfunctions in your vehicle with the world’s leading original equipment supplier assurance.