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Electric – Electronic System Controls

Electric Electronic System Controls

Electrical electronic system checks are to detect the problem in case of an electronic malfunction of the vehicle or if the warning lamp is on. Vehicles need periodic maintenance. All interventions and measures such as driveline maintenance, filter maintenance, disc lining maintenance are valid in the electronic system. The electrical and electronic system malfunctions that you consider simple vary according to the fault code. Due to this, it is important both for your driving safety and for the correct progress of the working principle of the vehicle, but it can also cost you high costs.


What Does Electric Electronic System Controls Cover?

  • Battery Check
  • Insurance Control
  • Injector System Check
  • Ignition Control
  • Contact Control
  • Alternator and Alternator Control
  • Air Conditioning Compressor Control
  • Steering System Control

Apart from the expert technicians within Ece Otomotiv Bosch Car Service, our service and reception personnel undergo an intensive training process on the latest technological developments. Let’s take measures together against unforeseen failures in line with regular checks and maintenance.

Battery Check

The battery meets the electricity needs of the electrical systems in your vehicle. There are many reasons for the malfunctions thrown into the car’s brain. One of them is related to the faulty, weak or dead battery. The charge level is measured with the battery tester.

  • Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Level Control
  • Hole, Crack, Break, Crush and Melt Control in Battery Box and Cover
  • Pole Heads, Melting and Impact Control for Bending
  • Clogging Control of Element Dust Caps
  • Battery Electrolyte Level Control
  • Battery Terminals Check

Insurance Control

It protects the electrical circuit against high current. It is used to protect the system against possible fire hazard at the end of a short circuit that may occur in the electrical circuits of the vehicle.

In fuse control, when the fuse blows, a new fuse with the same amperage is installed.

Air Conditioning Compressor Control

  • Air Conditioning Compressor Control
  • Air Conditioning Compressor Shaft Control
  • Air Conditioner Piston Control
  • Air Conditioning Valve and Valve Scoots Control
  • Steering System Control

Dust Tire Damage Control

  • Checking Gear Housing for Damage or Grease Leakage
  • Damage Control in Racking Dust Tires
  • Steering Hydraulic Oil Control
  • Steering Box Control
  • Steering Shock
  • Absorber Control
  • Steering Wheel